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*Due to the coronavirus, Walton Road’s Magical Molesey and Bridge Road’s Winter Wander didn’t take place 2020, we are hoping it will be back on for December 2021.

Walton Road’s Magical Molesey and Bridge Road’s Winter Wander 2019

Molesey Carnival 8th June 2019

Home made, cakes and dog biscuits, from good homes…

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Magical Molesey & Winter Wander 2018

Some of our lovely ladies have been making biscuits ready to sell at Magical Molesey (Thursday 29th Nov) & will again next week for Bridge Road Winter Wander (4-8pm Thursday 6th December).  Please come down and support us and these lovely local community events.

Life’s a Summer Garden Party

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Except when it’s a Winter Wander

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Becky Smith demonstrates biscuit making…

The WI is synonymous with good food, and these traditions of healthy well-made food and preserves continue in a wide range of activities.

Food is fun: it brings people together!  The WI aims to encourage those who are new to cookery to have a go, whilst inspiring seasoned cooks to experiment and try something new.  Home made meals, cake, puddings, drinks, and savouries all taste better made with love and care.

The MWI make cakes and biscuits to raise funds in local events such as Molesey Carnival, Bridge Road’s Winter Wander, & Walton Road’s Magical Molesey.

Health & Nutrition: WI members are committed to improving the nation’s diet and health.  Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and many other ailments and chronic diseases often have some link to poor nutrition.  The emergence of childhood obesity and the cumulative effect of advertising unhealthy food and soft drinks, reinforce bad dietary habits and undermine parents and health professionals encouragement towards healthier eating.

Our members advocate a balanced diet, with all things in moderation.  The message is simply, “eat less fat, sugar and salt. Eat more fruit and vegetables.”

When preparing and handling food, please always adhere to Food Safety & Food Hygiene.

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  1. Tina
    August 22, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    FYI – Hampton Court Palace Food Festival this August Bank Holiday 24-26 August 2019 10:00 – 18:00


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