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July-Sept 2019 Walks programme printed Suggestions:

Wed 17 and Tues 23rd July 11.00-13.00 – The lavender fields with Chris P.  Meet: By café in Oaks Park, Croydon Lane, Sutton SM7 3BA.  Moderate, stiles WC RA £2

Mon 12 and Weds 21st Aug 10.30-12.00  – Chatley Heath for the heather with Karen and Sue.  Meet: Boldermere car park, Old Lane, Cobham KT11 1ND.  Slow, slopes, WC RA £ for carpark

Thurs 22 Aug 10.30-11.30  – Molesey Circular walk with David F.  Meet: Molesey Community Centre, Bishop Fox Way, Molesey, KT8 2A.  Slow, flat WC RA

July 2019 / Molesey Heath – *Flora and fauna* with Karen and Dave Page, Countryside Estates Officer.

May 2019 /Richmond Park run free guided tours of Isabella Plantation

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October 2018 / Fungi Walk at Esher Common



In conjunction with our October meeting, “Countryside Estates Officer for Elmbridge, Dave Page”, we have an opportunity to go on the Fungi Walk organized by Elmbridge Healthy Walks Group.  10.30 – 12.30 Wednesday 31st October 2018 / Fungi Walk / Dave & Karen / Slow, slopes  Meet: Horseshoe Clump Car Park, Portsmouth Road, Esher KT10 9JQ.

August 2018 / Heather on Chatley Heath


Mon 20th Aug 10.30-12.00  Slow, slopes  WC R Heather on Chatley Heath.  Meet at Boldermere car park, Old Lane, Cobham, KT11 1ND.

Leaders: Karen, Sue.  Photos courtesy of Claire Duncan.



Another glorious day, picking early blackberries, learning about the history of the local black smallholdings built for returners from the first world war, catching glimpses of the London skyline from open fields, and as always chatting with friends along the way.

The walk culminated at the Mayfield lavender fields which are a sight to behold; the combination of the purple haze and the heady smell of sun warmed lavender hit us in waves.  A  truly relaxing morning, finishing up with a cream tea at the cafe, set us up for the day.

Sutton Countryside Walk (2 hours), including a visit to the lavender fields (£2).  Meet by café in Oaks Park, Croydon Lane, Sutton, SM7 3BA  Leaders: Virginia, Chris P.

Photos and text courtesy of Naz Miles-Bird.

April 2018 / Dunsborough Park Tulip Festival:

The Tulip Meadow at Dunsborough Park – breathtakingly beautiful in the sun, followed by tea on the lawn with friends – light and easy. Heavenly. 

Photos and text courtesy of Naz Miles-Bird.

March 2018 / The Wilderness, Hampton Court Palace to The Pheasantry, Bushy Park:


Photos courtesy of Naz Miles-Bird.

October 2017 / “Secrets of the Strand” Blue Badge guided walk by Diane Burstein 

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.07.59 pm

Monthly walks resumed with something different for October…  A group of our members had a great day out in London taking part in a ‘Blue Badge Walk’ entitled ‘Secrets of the Strand’.

The Strand is one of London’s main thoroughfares but this tour looks at some of the courtyards, buildings and secret places behind this famous street.  Two little known chapels, a hidden archway which inspired Dickens, a “Roman Bath”, a 17th century watergate and a “ghost station” are just some of the places they visited on the tour.  They also walked through the elegant courtyard of Somerset House following in the footsteps of royals, sailors, artists, musicians, actors and skaters.  The tour , which always surprises people who thought they knew the area, is best taken during the day when sites are more accessible.

Text courtesy of Sarah Hopson.

May 2017 / Molesey Heath with Elmbridge Healthy Walks:


Elmbridge Healthy Walks‘ have been taking place since 2003 and are a great place to make new friends, enjoy fresh air and get to know our local area.  The walks are free, run between 1st April and 30th June 2017, and they are classified “very slow’, “slow’, moderate”, “brisk”, and “Nordic” by pace, gradient and length of time they take.  Those new to Elmbridge walks should arrive 10 minutes early, so that they can complete the registration form and health and safety questionnaire.  The Molesey Heath walk was a moderate 11826 steps, and as you can see by the pictures, it was another glorious day!!!

Photos courtesy of Naz Miles-Bird.

April 2017 / Hatchlands Park:


A gorgeous day for an amiable woodland walk.  We took a leisurely pace so that we could chat, laugh, and take in the flora and the fauna (bluebells, cowslips, primroses, pheasants, horses, donkeys, and bullocks) along the way.  4.24km The Yellow Route.

Photos and text courtesy of Naz Miles-Bird.

March 2017 / West End Common:


Blue skies abound as we head off from Garson Farm toward the ponds behind the sports pitches to start our trek.  With directions such as “up the muddy track”, “turn left at the knobbly tree”, and “proceed to the tree with exposed roots”, we were ‘off grid’ and on an adventure!

Guided by Liz, our very own Geographer, we learned about the area as we walked through.  On the north side of Horseshoe Clump, we passed the Rifle Butts (1859 -1921), where the Victorians and Edwardians learned to shoot.

An ancient woodland of oak, chestnut, beech, (and birch, sycamore, and alder in the wetter parts) led to The Ledges which were defined by The River Mole.  6000 year old Neolithic / Early Bronze Age flint implements have been found in this area.

Next came Homewood House the 1938 Modernist house created by the architect Patrick Gwynne for his family.  This National Trust gem can be visited with a guided tour from April until June, booked via Claremont Landscape Gardens.

5,206 steps later and nearing the end of our walk, one member of our party darted off to collect wild garlic whilst another changed back into heels to return to work, all of us were smiling broadly having enjoyed a glorious afternoon together.

Roll on April’s Bluebell’s walk.  All always welcome / the more the merrier!

Photos and text courtesy of Naz Miles-Bird.

  One thought on “MWI Walks

  1. Naz Bird
    April 7, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Here is a list of local places to spot Bluebells for April’s walk. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  2. May 25, 2017 at 2:19 pm
  3. Gill Barnes
    July 22, 2017 at 11:25 am

    There is an Elmbridge Healthy walk next Wednesday 26th July in the Sutton Countryside which includes a visit to the Mayfield Lavender Fields (entrance £1). Meet by the café in Oaks Park, Croydon Lane, Sutton, SM7 3BA at 10:30 – 12:30. The walk is moderate with stiles .


  4. April 9, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Details of the Tudor Pull on 13th May 2018 can be found here


  5. Jacqueline Edwards
    May 3, 2018 at 10:46 am

    Please include me on any info regarding future walks. Thank you.


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