Speakers / Guests

Wednesday 1st June 2022 – Jubilee Garden Party at Miranda’s

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Wednesday 4th May 2022 – Barn Theatre talk 🎭

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Wednesday 6th April 2022 – Rev Anne Farmer, Vicar at St. Pauls & Bejewelled Eggs for Easter ✝️

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Wednesday 2nd March Irish Dancing for St.Patrick’s Day 🍀

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Wednesday 2nd February 2022 Sue Woodcock – Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ❤️

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Wednesday January 5th 2022 – The History of Molesey Rowing Club 🚣🏻‍♀️


Wednesday 1st December – Christmas crafts – bauble making, refreshments, nibbles, and friendship

🧑‍🎄 🎅🏻 🎄 🍷 🥧 🥳.

November, AGM & Ian Franklin ex- State Apartment Warder at Hampton Court Palace will be giving a “Behind the Scenes at Hampton Court Palace” talk.


October / Blackbird Bread, Micro-bakery Twickenham

Mark from Blackbird Bread – a micro bakery in Twickenham, was our animated and entertaining guest speaker last night.
Mark talked us through his bread making journey, and brought some of the ‘tools of his trade’ with him. These included banettons (bread proving baskets), peels (for placing the bread in the oven), bread scrapers, and lames (a razor blade attached to a handle for scoring).
He also said that a baguette is a French stick if it doesn’t have 7 score lines in it, and that the origins of scoring dough originated in 18th century France, to enable the villagers to identify their bread when baking in the ‘embers’ of the baker’s fire.
Mark explained the differences with the different types of yeast, how to reheat a frozen loaf and he also gave a demonstration of dough shaping.
There were several freshly baked loaves available for our members to purchase including focaccia and sourdough. Needless to say, they were all sold!
Mark also holds various bread making courses, and I have attached a copy of his information within the photos below.

September / Shelley Gregory who is the Manager of the Refresh Centre and is going to speak to us about how she and the centre work in our community and especially inform us about the Eco event happening in Molesey on Saturday 4th September.

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August 2021 Molesey Women’s Institute meetings resume!!!  This first meeting back will just be a ‘social’ as no doubt we’ll all want to catch up with friends :).  Please note new address and time, plus all places must be confirmed as we have limited numbers due to the coronavirus.  Meetings will continue to take placed on the now take place on the first Wednesday of the month,  but will now be 8 – 9.30pm at Refresh Centre, 129 Walton Rd, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 0DT

*Corona Virus update.  As the government continues to recommend that everyone should avoid large gatherings and crowded indoor places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres, meetings remain suspended.*

March 2020 – PLEASE do not feel alone. Fortunately in this day and age, we are able to maintain contact with our family and friends via a number of sources, but if you need any help or just a chat please feel free to contact us by email or PM us and we will try our very best to help.
If we are placed on lockdown, it will give many of us an opportunity to catch up on our ‘To do’ list, or to simply relax and read.  Our website is full of book reviews and if you have any other recommendations please let us know.  If there has been a film, box set, drama, musical – anything you have enjoyed please share.  If you are a keen gardener and have plants or seedlings to share, let us know.  Try to keep active. You can still take a walk, just maintain a sensible distance from other walkers
Most importantly PLEASE keep talking and if you have any tips for keeping active and healthy at this time let us know.  Please take the greatest of care

3rd June Jubilee Sailing Trust, Round the world yachting for charity

6th May “Humorous look at relationships” Maggs Latter

1st April Easter themed craft. Bejewelled eggs. Opportunity for crafters to bring unwanted craft items in return for donations to our charity, Molesey Night Shelter.

4th March  Diabetes

This month we focused on health and wellbeing. Our guest speaker was Jo Reed, Diabetic Clinical Nurse Specialist. Jo spoke about the different types of diabetes, risk factors, prevention, symptoms, treatments and follow up care. 90% of diabetics are Type 2, 8% Type 1 and 2% have rarer forms of diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease in which the body produces little or no insulin. Every day around 700 people are diagnosed with Type 2 which is characterized by high blood glucose levels caused by the body’s inability to use insulin efficiently. It is linked to age, being overweight, inactive and/or family history and is particularly prevalent in the Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities. Jo stressed the importance of having a healthy diet, keeping active and giving up smoking! She also said there is a lot of misleading and incorrect information about diabetes on social medial and that accurate, factual information can be found at www.diabetes.org.uk.

These are Jo’s slides Imber Court March 2020

Professional photos 2015

Professional photos 2015

5th February LOVE ❤

Our ladies took delight in our love themed activities. You could have heard a pin drop as they concentrated hard at winning at bingo, there was an excellent quiz and they also enjoyed creating ‘love rocks’.
A special ‘Presidents Cup’ has been introduced to be presented to a different member each month for a ‘special reason’. Last night’s recipient was Jeanette for her hard work with our social events.

8th January 2020  The Gloriana / Malcolm Knight

At this weeks meeting our guest speaker was Malcolm Knight, a retired police officer, who is a Director of Thames Alive – the one-stop-shop for any organisation wishing to arrange a distinctive event on the River Thames.
Malcolm is a fixed-seat oarsman with five World Records for distance rowing, three set on the River Thames (the last in 2005 for rowing the length of the Thames single handed non-stop) He organises events for others to enjoy and he was the Events Manager for The Queen’s Row Barge ‘Gloriana’ for the past seven years.
Gloriana was the row barge built for the Queens diamond jubilee in 2012. It is the first royal barge for over 200 years, the last one was Prince Fredericks barge in 1849.
Malcolm talked to the group about the conception and eventual construction of the Gloriana with the involvement of Lord Sterling and master boatbuilder Mark Edwards. The keel of the barge was finally laid in November 2011 and it was launched in April 2012.
Some facts about the Gloriana:
She is nearly 90ft long, 30ft wide with the oars in place and weighs 10 tonnes.
There are 20 lithium ion batteries and 2 electric motors
There are 20 x 16ft sweep oars
3000 books of 22 carat gold leaf were used to adorn the barge
Each blade is hand painted with gold leaf
The ensign was made by Mark Edwards wife
The crests of 16 Commonwealth countries adorn the outside of the coach.
The ceiling panels are each painted with a bird from the River Thames
At the Queens Jubilee Pageant in 2012, 300 boats from around the world joined in the event on the Thames.
The Gloriana was also used to carry the Olympic Torch for the London 2012 Olympics.
The Royal Row Barge is now moored at St Katherines dock and has been used at numerous events since 2012 including
Henley Royal Regatta
Annual Waterman’s Tudor Pull
Lord Mayors flotilla
Coronation Row in 2013
Events at Hampton Court Palace
Anniversary of the Magna Carta and
The Queens 90th birthday flotilla.
The barge has also been used as an educational tool and is still used at various events on the River Thames and is always in transition to these events so you may catch a glimpse of it going by.

For more information visit glorianaqrb.org.uk

4th December Christmas Craft Social Evening

6th November AGM & Hedgehog Talk


Our guest speaker was Mike, is one of the volunteers with The Wildlife Aid Foundation. He explained about the history of the Foundation and the types of animals that they treat, and have treated, from dormice to house martins. Their main aim is to release any rescued animal into the wild if it can support and look after itself. Mike reminded us to check our gardens before using garden tools such as strimmers and lighting bonfires, to ensure that there are no hedgehogs around. Unfortunately hedgehog numbers have declined by 97% over the last 50 years. Although they usually hibernate, if the winter is mild, then they keep waking up and sometimes struggle to find sufficient food, which can prove fatal if their weight drops too much. You can find out more information about the Wildlife Aid Foundation at https://www.wildlifeaid.org.uk/  -Sue Adam

2nd October Ian Keable Comedy Magician & Mindreader


Ian Keable a renowned member of the Magic Circle with Gold Star, who not only performed a couple of magic tricks but also gave a talk on Hoaxes in the 18th Century.

He chose 3 Hoaxes to talk about:

Rabbit woman.
In 1726 in Godalming, Mary Toft tricked Doctor’s into believing that she gave birth to rabbits / animal parts!! John Howard , a local surgeon notified other physicians including Nathaniel St Andre (Surgeon to the Royal household of George 1) who concluded this case was genuine. Toft was subsequently imprisoned for fraud.

Living a Lie
This hoax was in regard to a Frenchman who lived his life as lie, and called himself George Psalmanazar. No one knows his true identity. Despite being fair haired he claimed to be a native of Formosa (Now known as Taiwan) and even wrote a book about their culture! He was born a catholic but pretended to be a heathen and was ‘Converted’ to Christianity.

Bottle conjurer
In 1749 an advert appeared in the Daily advertiser and the Public advertiser for a show at the New Theatre Haymarket on 16th Jan, proclaiming that a man would climb inside a 2 pint bottle and sing and dance. On the performance date, the man did not turn up. The crowd grew restless, the theatre fixtures were ripped up and the debris was burnt on a bonfire in the street
Although the identity of the hoaxer was unknown, one theory was that it was the
Duke of Montagu who had been heard to make a bet based on the event to show how gullible the public were.

Ian is currently writing a book on hoaxes of the 18th Century, which will be released next year.  Sue Adam.

4th September 2019 Royal School of Needlework / Open House London  Sue Adam

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 16.06.39

Dr Susan Kay-Williams the CEO of the Royal School of Needlework was the guest speaker at our meeting. She gave a talk about the history of the RSN from its humble beginnings in Sloane Street in 1872, through its expansion and relocation to premises in Exhibition Road and Princes Gate before finally moving to its current location at Hampton Court Palace in 1987

Over the years, the RSN has worked on numerous commissions including

1901 Queen Victoria’s funeral pall
1910 Coronation regalia for George
1914-1918 Taught returning soldiers how to stitch as an active therapy
1937 Made the Robe of State for Her Majesty the Queen (formerly Duchess of York and later Her Majesty the Queen Mother).
1953 Made the Robe of State for Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II for which the RSN was awarded a Coronation medal.
1984 Made the current version of the Lord Chancellor’s Purse in which the Queen’s Speech is carried, for the State opening of Parliament.
1997 Made new Curtains for the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
2002 Created the balcony hanging at Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.
2002 Embroidered the official logo for the FIFA World Cup in Japan and Korea
2006 Embroidered Sir Paul McCartney’s Ecce Cor Meum album cover
2011 worked on The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress.

The RSN runs numerous classes, starting with classes for beginners, on to more complex and varied techniques as embroiderers become more experienced leading to Diplomas and Degrees.

The RSN will be taking part in ‘Open House’ weekend 21st and 22nd September, when you can visit for free.

Further information about the RSN can be found at royal-needlework.org.uk  Sue Adam

7th August 2019 Andrew Thompson talk on Women in War

Our guest speaker, Andy Thompson, talked about Women at War.  His presentation started with a history of women from Victorian times (the haves and have nots), new roles for women from the mid 1800’s, such as department stores and typing pools, to suffragettes and suffragists.
During WWI – women encouraged their men to go to war. The women became drivers and nurses in support. Due to heavy losses at The Somme women had to do men’s jobs eg. clippy on a tram, clean trains, munitions factory, land army girls etc. Women were provided with child care to enable them to work. There was no going back for them!
When WW 2 started, women enlisted on active service, and have served in wars ever since.

The slides show The Land Army girls and ‘Flappers’ The Flappers Vote 1928 extended the franchise to all adult women and reflected the changing times post WW1.  Sue Adam

July 2019 Nibbly night at Miranda’s


June 2019 Kent, Surrey, & Sussex Air Ambulance

Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 12.45.52

The guest speaker, Keith, is a volunteer speaker on behalf of the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey and Sussex.  Kent Air Ambulance was established in 1989 and was expanded in 2007 to include Surrey and Sussex.

They now have 3 helicopters, which fly over 2,000 missions a year. They cover missions 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day and can reach any part of the region within 25 minutes.
The helicopters are based at Redhill Aerodrome and Rochester Airport.  Each helicopter transports a Paramedic (with a minimum of 8 yrs in the field) and a senior A&E doctor (within 2 years of becoming a consultant who has specialised in anaesthesia and trauma)

They are a charity
They need to raise over £11 million a year
They make a difference and save lives
For further information or to support them please visit aakss.org.uk . Sue Adam.

May 2019 Monica Chard Journalism


Monica Chard, who together with her husband Paul produces Molesey Matters.

Monica, who has a background in advertising,
launched Village Matters in Sunbury in 2010, with the objective of bringing local stories to the community, together with local trades and businesses in monthly magazines.

She purchased a franchise to enable her to start producing the magazine within a specific postcode.
She sourced a printer, utilised publishing software, sold advertising, made adverts,
sourced content, distributed the magazines and took care of the book keeping. It took 7 weeks to produce her first Sunbury Matters.

Using a similar format, Monica and Paul now produce Shepperton Matters, Molesey Matters and Walton Matters each of which is local to that area.

They distribute over 30,000 magazines a month @ 8,500 of those are to homes in Molesey.

As well as the printed magazines, they are available on Social media and the Village Matters website For further information visit https://www.villagematters.co.uk/molesey-matters.  Sue Adam

April 2019 MWI 10th Birthday Party!

We celebrated our 10th anniversary and welcomed back some past presidents and committee members to celebrate with us.

We were joined by Dale from ‘Miss Polly’ cafe on the Walton Road, who donated some delicious Anzac biscuits and brownies, and Joseph from the Vineking in Bridge Road who set us all a wine related quiz and gave us some red wines to taste.

There was also another quiz for our members, a ‘party bag’ and some delicious nibbles provided by our president Miranda.

A big ‘THANK YOU’ goes to Becky Smith, who created our fabulous birthday cake.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us at any time over the last 10 years, and to those of you who still support us.

Here’s to the next 10 years 🥂🎊 . Sue Adam

March 2019 Talk on gin distillery and making / Kate Griffin, Wessex Spirits


Kate from Wessex Spirits was our guest speaker. In addition to telling us about her foray into gin making, the gins were available for us to taste.

Kate a former secondary school teacher produced her first gin in February 2017 in her grandfather’s annex. This was a basil and thyme infused gin called Test Valley Gin and was launched at a pub in Stockbridge. Since then Kate has moved to larger premises in Andover and in addition to the original gin, she produces Spire – infused with lemon verbena; Summer Solstice – infused with hibiscus and summer fruits; Winter Solstice- infused with spiced apple; Weyhill Fair – a standard London dry gin and most recently Kennet and Avon – infused with rose hips. All of the natural flavours are locally produced and Kate still fills and labels every bottle herself. More information can be found at wessexspirits.co.uk –Sue Adam

February 2019 Princess Alice Hospice


Jill, a volunteer at the Princess Alice Hospice (PAH) gave our members a talk about the hospice and Compassionate Communities.

The Hospice Catchment area is 600 square miles and there are 1,000,000 people living in that area. They provide support and care for ‘in patients’, day patients and over 850 patients in the community.
The PAH has over 400 staff and over 1400 volunteers in over 100 roles. 550 of those volunteers work in the 46 PAH charity shops raising a million pounds per annum.

The hospice needs £9.9 million per annum to pay staff. 23% of these costs come from the NHS, 37% from legacies and the remainder from fundraising and the shops.

There are several ways to support the Hospice including donating, volunteering, fundraising and Compassionate communities. For more information go to www.pah.org.uk– Sue Adam

January 2019 New Year, New You – Craft & clubs taster evening

Our members had an opportunity to talk about forthcoming events, try their hand at knitting and crochet, receive some guidance on creating exquisite smocking, create invitations and learn about our book club. Thank you to our wonderful creative ladies who demonstrated their crafts.

Some of the craft pieces can be found at Hersham Village Market. – Sue Adam

December 2018 Christmas ‘social’ with games / quiz, & Eleanor Wright from SOSSEN charity

November 2018 AGM & Biscuit Decorating / Becky Smith

After last nights AGM, Becky showed us how to decorate Christmas biscuits. She also passed on some really useful tips including using the biscuit cutter again once the biscuits have been taken out of the oven to achieve a more defined edge. After the demonstration some of our members took the opportunity to decorate their own biscuits – & some of us took the opportunity to eat the biscuits 🙂 !!! – Sue Adam

October 2018 Countryside Estates Officer, Dave Page, on Wild Countryside Plants

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, Wednesday 3rd October 2018,  when our guest speaker will be Dave Page – Countryside Estates Officer for Elmbridge Borough Council.

Dave will be talking about his work, together with wild plants found in the countryside including edible fungi, which is his speciality.

There will be an opportunity to go on a ‘fungi walk’ later in the month organised by Elmbridge Healthy Walk Group.

Please join us at Imber Court Sports Club 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Guests welcome for a £5 fee or free with a copy of Molesey Matters Community Magazine. – Sue Adam

September 2018 Hampton Court Palace Kitchen Garden / Vicki Cooke

Have you ever wanted to know about the Hampton Court Palace Kitchen Garden?  Our guest speaker at next week’s meeting is Vicki Cooke who is the Keeper Of the Kitchen Garden. The original kitchen garden was built for William and Mary in 1689 and the restoration is based on how it would have looked in the 18th century. It was started in late summer 2013 and was finished in the summer of 2014. It is a seasonal garden with historically accurate fruit and vegetable crops as far as possible.
Further information can be found at https://www.hrp.org.uk/hampton-court-palace/explore/kitchen-garden/#gs.1UV6tpg – Sue Adam

August 2018 BBQ at Imber Court / annual social

July 2018 “Africa, Birthright and Calling” Holly (Helen) Vanstone

Our guest speaker at the meeting will be Holly (Helen) Vanstone. Holly trained as a primary school teacher and as her career developed, she moved into managerial positions, culminating in headship of a junior school.  A personal crisis led Holly to consider leaving the UK to fulfil her ambition to live and work in Africa. In 2005 she moved to Uganda to help establish a primary school, where she remained for eight years. Since returning to the UK, Holly has continued to visit Uganda annually to provide both teacher and leadership/management training.  Holly has also written a book about her experience called Africa, Birthright and Calling. – Sue Adam


Our next meeting is on Wednesday 4th July at Imber Court Sports Club, 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Guests are welcome for a a £5 fee or free with a copy of Molesey Matters.

June 2018 Sally Kettle, adventurer, marathon runner, and author.

Our guest speaker is the inspirational Sally Kettle, FRGS. She is a woman of many talents. Adventurer, marathon runner, author, speaker and event host. Sally is the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother – earning a coveted Guinness World Record!

Please feel free to bring a friend for a £5 fee (Free with a copy of Molesey Matters Community Magazine).
See you all at Imber Court Sports Club on Wednesday 6th June at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
More information about Sally can be found at http://www.sallykettle.com/ – Sue AdamScreen Shot 2018-06-01 at 9.46.12 am

April 2018 A talk on woodwork, combined with anecdotes on making and presenting a TV programme

David Free, our guest speaker this week, gave us a brief overview of his working history – from ice dancer and coach to telecommunications – before his foray into television. He always had a passion for woodworking and was able to create a TV series, which combined visits to historic houses to gain inspiration for designing and creating modern versions of old furniture. An example of this was during a visit to Chartwell House, he found a sun lounger in the basement that had been used by Winston Churchill. Once back in his workshop he created a similar item in teak. The program The Great British Wood shop was shown on the Discovery Channel and throughout Europe, but after the first series, the show was dropped due to the rapid rise of ‘You tube’. The Great British Wood shop is based in West Byfleet and offers a plethora of courses to suit all abilities.

For more information go to http://www.greatbritishwoodshop.co.uk/ – Sue Adamdownload-10

March 2018 East Arts & Crafts

An opportunity to chat with your friends as you make an easter basket, and enjoy a quiz.

February 2018 THE GREAT BALDINI – Award-Winning Magician and Member of the Magic Circle

At last night’s meeting our guest speaker was The Great Baldini.

The Great Baldini, who is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, gave a wonderful presentation on the history of magic and its origins from being used in religion to becoming entertainment at fairs. From the painting ‘The Conjurer’ (1475-1480) to Robert Houdin, a founding member of modern entertainment magic. Robert Houdin, who was a watchmaker by profession, created many illusions and had a magic theatre in Paris in 1845.
The great escapologist Harry Houdini, took his stage name from Robert Houdin, and as well as his escapology tricks, in the 1920’s he turned his energies to debunking psychics and mediums.
The Great Baldini reminded us of the some of the more recent magicians/illusionists including David Copperfield, James Randi, David Blane, Derren Brown, Paul Daniels and Penn and Teller, as well as performing some amazing illusions himself.
A wonderful evening of entertainment and showmanship.

“In the glorious tradition of legendary showmen and ringmasters, the Great Baldini performs (if such a word will suffice) magical illusion and lectures on its history across England’s magnificent southern counties.   As a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, the Great Baldini is privy to the secret history of the most ancient art of magic.

A truly theatrical entertainer. Able to entertain and astonish audiences with a phantasmagorical collection of effects and an illusions that confound both perspectives and perceptions.” – Sue Adam

Stage Performance 2.jpg

January 2018 New Year, New You

New Year, New You – Split into “interest” groups either to learn a new skill or to build on existing skills.  eg. gardening, knitting, sewing, cinema club, etc. – Sue Adam

December 2017 Come Dine With Me

Members are asked to bring a dish to share.  We will also be make Christmas floral arrangements / crackers. – Sue Adam

November 2017 UK Place Names Tony Painter

What’s in a name? Have you ever wondered how places get their names?
Then join us at our next meeting where Tony, our guest speaker, will be giving us a talk on “The History and Fascination of Place Names”, which will cover the origins and meanings of English place names, from towns and villages down to farms, fields, streets and pubs.  The talk will start with a general outline and will also cover some local names in the area.

Guests are always welcome for a £5 fee or free with a copy of Molesey Matters.
Meet at Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane. Wednesday 1st November, 7.30pm for an 8pm start. The talk will follow on after the AGM.

Raffle: As usual we will be holding a raffle so please bring along any items that you think would be suitable.  Many thanks for all your donations as this does raise funds for us to be able to invite interesting speakers and the hire of the room. – Sue Adam


October 2017 Medical Detection Dogs

We would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Mo and Margaret from Medical Detection Dogs for coming to talk to us last night.  They explained that there are 2 arms of MDD. On one side there are Bio Detection Dogs, which are dogs that are taught to sniff out certain cancers and on the other side there are Medical Alert Assistance Dogs which support individuals who live with dangerous health conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes and Addison’s disease.
Our members were also able to purchase a small selection of products in support of the charity.   For more information visit medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk – Sue AdamJobi2-Credit-Emma-Jeffery

September 2017 “What can we learn from how children learn” Adam D’Souza 

The topic for this month’s meeting, as schools returned after the summer break, was “What can we learn from how children learn today?” Our guest speaker was Adam D’Souza, one of the teachers from Hampton Court House School and Director of Form Seven ,who spoke about the different subjects and methods that are used for 21st Century teaching. We learnt about short term memory and long term memory (now known as working memory and substantive memory) and the differences between cognitive load, interleaving and metacognition. At the end of the meeting we were asked, in groups, to compile a curriculum for the first term of learning on a subject of our choice. – Sue Adam

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.09.50 pm

August 2017 Afternoon Tea / Garden Party

July 2017 Knickers!

Carole, aka ‘The Knicker Lady’, brought an amazing collection of knickers from the 1800’s to present day styles (from bloomers to thongs). She has collected the undergarments over the years, some have been donated to her after her talks, and others she has made herself.
She had a wonderful way of explaining the history behind the garments and many of the stories she told were based on her own experiences. If you get an opportunity to hear her talk, we would highly recommend it.  The photos show a selection of the garments that she bought with her. – Sue Adam


June 2017 RNLI

We had a very entertaining and informative talk from Jon B and Jon from Teddington RNLI.

Teddington Lifeboat station was opened in 2002, after the RNLI was asked by the Government to provide lifeboat cover as a result of the findings of the Thames Safety Inquiries into the collision between the pleasure cruiser The Marchioness and the dredger Bowbelle, which resulted in the loss of 51 lives in 1989.  It was the first lifeboat station to specifically cover a river rather than estuarial waters.  There are now four lifeboat stations operating on the River Thames.

It is incredible that the service that the RNLI provides on coastal waters and some rivers, is mainly carried out by volunteers who are prepared to be woken in the middle of the night to carry out a rescue. All the volunteers live within a very short distance of the RNLI station minimising the time it takes to reach an incident. The average time it took Teddington RNLI to respond and reach an incident last year was 12 minutes, that includes getting to the station, kitting up, launching the boat and reaching the incident. Jon was timed ‘kitting up’ at our meeting last night and it took him just over 3 minutes! His RNLI helmet was then put to good use so that we could draw our raffle.

In addition to the talk, we arranged for our members to visit the RNLI Teddington lifeboat station at 7.30pm on Wednesday 14th June 2017.  

We learnt that all of their kit is in a numbered position for each crew member to save time getting to a rescue. The boats are regularly tested and ready to go. The crew members have the opportunity to train twice a week. The evening ended with demonstrations and practices with ‘throw bags’ these are bags of rope that are easy to throw to someone in the water, much easier and safer than life belts. The waterside pubs in Kingston have them, and anyone with a boat is recommended to carry one.

More information on the RNLI can be found at https://rnli.org/…/lifeboat-sta…/teddington-lifeboat-station – Sue AdamScreen Shot 2017-06-01 at 9.49.58 am

May 2017 ❤ Happiness ❤

The subject of our next meeting is Happiness.

What makes us happy? Can we get happier?
The Happiness Course, draws on scientific research, ancient wisdom and real life experience. It is designed to help us to build a happy, successful and meaningful life.

Judith and Sheila will be delivering a ‘Happiness’ talk based on the course. During the talk, our ladies will be asked to break into small groups to do some short fun activities, which will make it more engaging and interesting.

We discussed ‘What makes people happy’. Non of us got all of the top 3 answers. We then discussed which of the following had the highest percentage determining a persons happiness – Genetics, Circumstances and Choices and lastly we discussed the 5 steps to happiness. We haven’t given the answers away above, in case anyone wants to partake in one of the free courses at The Refresh Centre in East Molesey. They run separate men’s and women’s courses.
For more information go to www.refreshchurch.org.uk – Sue AdamHappiness….

April 2017 Richmond Fellowship Mental Health Charity & Egg Cosies

We will start the meeting with a short talk from Maddy about our chosen charity Richmond Fellowship Mental Health Charity.

We will then get creative making Easter egg cosies out of felt or wool. If you wish to crochet or knit, please bring your own needles or hooks all other items will be provided e.g needles, thread, felt, scissors etc. We will be asking for a small donation of £1 for supplies. – Sue Adam


March 2017 History of Hurst Park Talk

Stewart Nash gave us a talk about the History of Hurst Park. Although one of its main uses was as a race course, it had also been used for cockfighting, bare knuckle fighting, ‘pistols at dawn’, hot air ballooning and there was also a golf course.

The race course opened in 1890 and closed on 10th October 1962.
In Victorian times it was not considered to be appropriate for women to own racehorses. Those who did, had to race them under a ‘nom de course’ Caroline, Duchess of Montrose used the name Mr Manton, and Lillie Langtry used the name ‘Mr Jersey’.
In June 1913, two suffragettes – Kitty Marion and Clara Giveen, where arrested and charged with wilfully setting fire to the grandstand and other buildings.
Many famous people including royalty raced their horses at the Hurst Park course.
Monaveen Gardens and Cherimoya Gardens are named after famous race horses.
More information and photos can be found at at www.britishpathe.com or moleseyhistorysociety.org.
The photo below is of the Hurst Park Race Course and Grandstand in 1928. – Sue Adam

Hurst Park 1928


February 2017 Dementia

There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and it touches people’s lives in one way or another.  At the end of the talk all attendees will be given a badge and they will be able to say that they are Dementia friends.

Lene Wood, a Dementia Development Coordinator was our guest speaker and gave us all a better awareness of dementia so that we could become dementia friends.

The 5 key points were:
1. Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process.
2. Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain.
3. It is not just about losing your memory.
4. It’s possible to live well with it.
5. There is more to the person than the dementia.

Action for prevention includes:
1. Eat well and healthily
2. Try to keep physically active
3. Sociability
4. Keep your brain active

More information can be found at dementiafriends.org.uk – Sue AdamDementia Friends


January 2017 “Pamper Session” with Temple Spa

After the stresses of the festive season, are you ready to be pampered?  Temple is another word for the body and spa is another word for space – your space.  Temple Spa’s  philosophy is “your body is a living temple, honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full” so it’s a great message and it’s weaved throughout the entire brand and business.

The brand is British and privately owned. The founders are renowned product creators and whilst travelling throughout the Mediterranean for a year they discovered the Med diet is not only one of the healthiest on the planet, but the ingredients are as good for the skin as they are the body. In other words, you are what you eat.  The contents look like a visit to an organic market so expect to find delicious ingredients such as olive oil, basil, tomato, pomegranate and so on.

Karen and Claire bought their wide range of products with them and after our members completed a brief skin type assessment, Karen told us about each product, it’s type and skin suitability whilst Claire took the product around the room for our members to try.  One of their top products is Skin Truffle which actually contains pure gold, truffle and diamonds.

The only retailer who sells these products is Harrods, but you can hold skin therapy sessions with your friends in your own home with either Karen on 07837 391533 or Claire on 07908 778215. More information about the products can be found at www.templespa.com – Sue AdamTemple Spa


December 2016 Christmas Wreaths

This evening Claire and Miranda demonstrated how to make Christmas wreaths using mainly ivy and decorations, before letting our members dive into a huge bag of freshly picked ivy to have a go.   It was also an opportunity to celebrate the festive season with mulled wine, mulled cider, nibbles and mince pies.

Happy Christmas one and all… – Sue Adam


November 2016 Glasswork with Jo Downs hand made glass

Jacqueline from Ripley Gallery, was due to talk about Jo Downs’ handmade glass.
The gallery also hold workshops and have agreed to hold a workshop for Molesey WI on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 at 1pm. You can make a variety of hangings at the workshop, starting from £7.50 as well as coasters, teapot stands, oblong hangings and much more. The items are fused in metal and will be ready the week after the workshop.

The gallery has an amazing array of creations ranging from coasters and wall hangings to jewellery and Christmas decorations.  For more information on Jo go to www.jodowns.com. www.jodowns.com . – Sue Adam


October 2016 The Great MWI Bake Off!

To celebrate the GBBO (Great British Bake Off) we will be holding our very own cupcake competition. We are giving you plenty of notice so that you have time to practice!!!
Please bring your best cupcakes along to be judged on the night and the winner will receive a prize. Whether you want to create your own recipe, use one that has been passed down or use a recipe from a popular show or website, we look forward to seeing your efforts.
The WI Bake Off last night showed some good baking skills from some of our members, and there wasn’t a soggy bottom in sight 😂😂😂.  The delicious cream cheese topped cupcakes were the winners.  The technical challenge saw members creating hedgehogs using a milk chocolate tea cake, chocolate chips and buttercream icing. – Sue Adam


September 2016 Wild Life Aid Foundation

Mike and Stuart from the Wildlife Aid Foundation (www.wildlifeaid.org.uk) gave a very informative talk this evening about the Foundation and the types of animals that they have been treating since it opened 36 years ago. Simon Cowell MBE (of TV’s Wildlife SOS fame) is the creator of the foundation which is based in Leatherhead, Surrey.
We’d like to say a big thank you to our members for their kind donations of animal food, detergents and bin bags to the foundation, which were greatly appreciated. – Sue Adam


August 2016 Summer BBQ “Royal Garden Party” Theme

Last night’s meeting was actually a lovely BBQ where members were encouraged to wear hats to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The best hat won a bottle of Prosecco!
A special thank you to Miranda Ingold for providing the desserts, they were amazing. – Sue Adam


July 2016 Craft Night

We would just like to say a big thank you to our talented ladies for sharing their crafts last night. We had the opportunity to decorate biscuits, create dream catchers, attempt pillow lace and make cards using three different methods including paper quilling. Becky also bought the tapestry for us to try, which is looking amazing. – Sue Adam


June 2016 Cheese Making

Eileen Brown who will be talking about the process of cheese making, a skill that she learnt at Denman College.  The title of her talk is” Making cheese with Ease”.

In addition to the talk, Eileen will be making some cheese to bring with her, for us all to sample. We will provide the biscuits, but if you fancy some wine, then the bar at Imber Court will be open!  She will make different types of cheese which may include the following: Cream cheese, Ricotta, Feta, Cheddar, and Stilton.
All of her cheeses are suitable for vegetarians and are the types of cheese you can make if you go on the course.  Eileen will also bring all of the whey she produces with her for people to take home if they’d like.

You can learn to make cheese like Eileen at Denman College. – Sue Adam


  One thought on “Speakers / Guests

  1. Penny Rose
    October 10, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    So enjoyed the Medical Detection Dogs evening in October. What a wonderful charity and such good speakers.


  2. Jeanette Burnham
    April 4, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Very enjoyable speaker again tonight, thank you very much.


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