Nights Out

September 2021

Some of our members recently enjoyed an evening at The Ceramics Cafe in Hersham. Here they working on their beautiful creations.

25th November 2018 / Lights at Kew Gardens

A group of our members and their families visited Kew Gardens as part of the ‘Christmas at Kew’ season from 22nd Nov to 5th Jan 2018.

Photos courtesy of Jeanette Burnham.

Monday 3rd September Dream Girls at The Savoy Theatre 


You’ve heard of singing for your supper?  Well, our ladies danced for theirs.  Brilliant!!!  Anyone for a Ruby Murray at Ruby’s, Hampton Court Parade, East Molesey?

  One thought on “Nights Out

  1. March 12, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    6 – 9.30pm Thursday 28th June RHS Gardens Wisley Centenary Picnic. Tickets go on sale 19th March 2018.


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